• Are You Subject To A Nebbia Hold?

    When you are arrested and placed in jail, you usually have the option of paying a bail bond and being released within hours of your arrest. You then are allowed to remain free until the court hears your case. However, there are some cases where the court denies you the ability to post bail. This inability is because the judge has placed a Nebbia hold on your case, which prevents you from posting bail. [Read More]

  • How To Quickly Determine How Much A Piece Of Scrap Gold Is Worth

    Buying and selling gold is a very lucrative business. You do not necessarily have to open up a storefront and can simply arrange to meet with a gold seller in person or purchase scrap gold from a vendor. This can serve as a great investment and you will eventually be able to sell your gold for a profit. Then, you'll need to know what to do when you have scrap gold in your hands. [Read More]

  • Choosing A Venture Capital Reporting System For Your Firm

    Managing the operations of a venture capital firm can be a sizable challenge to oversee. As part of these responsibilities, you will need to coordinate with the various partners of the firm. For firms that hold a large number of positions, this can be a complicated challenge without the use of some modern tools and systems. More specifically, there are venture capital reporting systems that can help you with reducing the challenges of overseeing these operations. [Read More]