Four Items Of Documentation You Should Have To Appeal A Bond

Posted on: 10 June 2016

Sometimes a bail bond may be set too high for you to even pay a bail bondsman. If this happens, there are certain things that you can do to attempt to appeal it. Appealing a bail bond is a simple process, but you want to get it right -- you'll have to wait to see the judge again and you won't be able to bail out until you do so. Appealing a bail bond generally means showing that you cannot pay the bond and that you aren't a flight risk.

1. Mortgage Documents

A mortgage is one of the easiest ways to show that you aren't going to be leaving any time soon. If you own a local property and have been current on your payments, it's possible the judge will see you as less likely to flee. If you do fail your appeal, you can also consider taking out a loan against the equity of your home in order to pay your bail.

2. A Letter from an Employer or School Transcript

If you have significant history with your employer or you are in the middle of a higher education course, you may be able to show to the court that you would lose that history if you were to not show up to court or not follow up with your legal charges. If you don't want to ask your employer for a letter for court, you can also show up with pay stubs -- just make sure they go back long enough to show that you have substantial history at your position.

3. Financial Statements

Financial statements are often necessary to prove that you would not be able to pay the bail bond or a bondsman. Checking, savings, and even credit card statements can all be used to give a judge a better picture of your financial situation. 

4. Children's School Documents

If you have children, you can bring in documents associated with their schooling -- how long they've been in their school, what after-school activity programs they're in, and other elements that tie them to the community. If you're engaged and active in your child's life, it will show that you aren't likely to leave with them.

Remember, the goal of bail is to ensure that you will be available to the court. To that end, you want to be able to show everything that you can show that proves that you have ties to your community and that you aren't going to leave. For more specific information, speak to Brad's Bail Bonds or another local bail bondsman today.